Interior Remodeling Projects Perfect for NH Homes

Given the strength of the current New Hampshire real estate market, there is no better time than right now to sell your home. However, although you are likely to find a buyer, you will not realize top dollar if your house is not in outstanding condition. Therefore, consider any of the following stunning interior remodeling projects to increase the value of a New Hampshire home. 

Add Oak Window Casing and Trim

You do not have to be a connoisseur of John Irving novels to appreciate the breathtaking New Hampshire landscape, from the jutting granite to the apple orchards to the white slopes in the wintertime. As a result, interior renovations should aim to accentuate the natural beauty of the state, with wainscoting and window casing ideas such as oak or other natural wood products going a long way to bring the charm of the outdoors into your New Hampshire home and increase its value. 


Apply a Fresh Coat of Paint

Given the historically low supply in the current New Hampshire housing market, you may not have time to tackle an ambitious remodeling project before the offers start rolling in on your property. Therefore, if you want a simple project that can help you add value as quickly as possible, study up on how to remove wallpaper and replace the tacky patterns with a fresh coat of paint. Green is increasingly replacing gray and beige as the neutral color of choice and makes a particularly strong choice in New Hampshire’s deciduous surroundings.  

Give the Kitchen a Makeover

Just like everywhere else, New Hampshire homeowners are crazy about kitchens. Kitchen remodels are some of the most lucrative projects a homeowner can undertake, with most renovations yielding a 60% or better return on investment. Some features that contemporary homeowners value include:

– Durability and low maintenance. Given that two incomes are a near-universal necessity in the modern world, most households simply do not have the time to constantly clean and tinker in the kitchen. Therefore, explore hardwood floor trends to find the best material to hold up in the face of heavy traffic and nonporous countertop products to help streamline cleaning efforts.

– Energy efficiency. With the country in the midst of a major push to curb consumption and attain sustainability, buyers increasingly value features that contribute to this end. Attractive kitchen features include Energy Star appliances, low-flow sink faucets, and induction stovetops.

– Open and inviting. The kitchen as a closed-off space used solely for cooking has long-since gone out of style. Modern kitchens do not feature any walls at all, using cleverly-placed bars and islands as a means of breaking up space.

Build a Mudroom

Creating a mudroom is an excellent idea to add value to a New Hampshire home for a couple of reasons. First, with the snow accumulation that occurs every winter, a mudroom is a great place for snow boots and winter coats to prevent melted snow from being tracked into the house. Second, the mudroom keeps doors from being opened directly to the exterior, which can help control heating costs during the year’s colder months. 

Skylar Ross, Contributor